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Expect for .NET 1.1.38 released

Today was released Expect for .NET 1.1.38. The new release contains a few minor changes in API, some improvements for users and changes in existing implementation.

New version can be downloaded from github or nuget.

Expect for .NET 1.1.38 change log

In the current release was implemented following stories:

Changes in API

The Expect.TimeoutException was removed and replaced with System.TimeoutException.

The setTimeout and getTimeout methods were marked as obsolete. The old methods are replaced with SetTimeout and GetTimeout methods.

There were added async ExpectAsync methods. Thanks to that now it’s possible to use async and await.

Changes in implementation

The Expect methods were refactored to be fully synchronous. In former implementation it was wrappers on async methods, what was potentially unsafe when used with UI.

Changes not related to code

It was created psake script to automate assembly and nuget creation.

There were added documentation comments, so IntelliSense will show element descriptions.

Backward compatibility

Expect for .NET 1.1.38 introduced few changes in API, but only changes related to TimeoutException affect old code. To fix the old code one must replace Expect.TimeoutException with System.TimeoutException.

One response to “Expect for .NET 1.1.38 released”

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